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Natural Rubber Latex ALlergy Discussion On-Line
The Rubber Room. More info: For more information, please contact:
Owner: Ballew Kinnaman

Email subscriptions to the natural Rubber latex allergy discussion group:
To subscribe to Rubber, email the following message to
In the BODY of your email write:
Subscribe Rubber Yourfirstname Lastname
For example: SUBSCRIBE Rubber Jane Doe


American Family Physician An article on Latex Allergy by Dr. Summana Reddy. More info: Sumana Reddy, M.D., Salinas Valley Medical Group, 909 Blanco Circle, Salinas, CA 93901.


Can Safer Sex Be Latex Safe?:""I need a rubber." "Iím looking for my glove." "Donít touch the rain without a rubber raincoat." All of these are slang statements for one thing, the latex condom, the most effective barrier protection and the hallmark form of protection recommended by the FDA and the CDC and the most common birth control device used to engage in safer sex. The U.S. uses approximately 1 billion latex condoms per year. Despite this, 13 million people in the U.S. will contract an STD this year, 1/3 of whom will be teenagers less than 15."


Latex Allergy News Latex Free alternatives for the home. More info: 176 Roosevelt Ave. Torrington, CT 06790; Tel. (860) 482-6869 / Fax (860) 482-2294 / CompuServe


Latex Allergy Links


Latex Allergy: Implications for Patients and Healthcare Workers AN article from the "Bandolier", a monthly journal from the Oxford Anglia NHS Region(UK). Author Dr. Andrew Moore.


Preventing Allergic Reactions to Natural Rubber Latex in the Workplace:"The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) requests assistance in preventing allergic reactions to natural rubber latex* among workers who use gloves and other products containing latex. Latex gloves have proved effective in preventing transmission of many infectious diseases to health care workers. But for some workers, exposures to latex may result in skin rashes; hives; flushing; itching; nasal, eye, or sinus symptoms; asthma; and (rarely) shock. Reports of such allergic reactions to latex have increased in recent years -- especially among health care workers."


Selecting The Right Glove: Understanding Latex Allergy And Glove Chemistry:"Over the past few years, there has been an increasing incidence of allergic reactions among health care workers to latex medical gloves. Current estimates on the prevalence of latex allergy among health care workers range as high as 17%. This is thought to be largely due to the institution of universal precautions in response to the AIDS epidemic, and the resultant dramatic increase in glove usage. A large body of literature on this subject has built up in the allergy, immunology, and nursing journals, but there have been relatively few publications in the surgical literature, so many surgeons and surgical subspecialists remain relatively ignorant in this area. This review will summarize the most important findings from this literature from the point of view of the glove user (the surgeon and nurse). A major theme of this monograph is that a latex glove, like all medical devices, has benefits as well as risks. There are potential side effects from this device, and the surgeon needs to consider these in making his or her choice of surgical glove. I hope to cover:"


Legal Aspects, Court Cases:

The Legal Implications of Latex Allergy An article by Peter Kohn RN URL :

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