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State Specific Resources:


    Illinois Ask A Nurse Services:

      Ask-A-Nurse, Illinois State University:"The Ask-A-Nurse is a registered nurse available for telephone consultation for illnesses, injuries, or other health concerns and questions. The nurse can assist you in scheduling an appointment when necessary. When you call, the Ask-A-Nurse may need to know your name, social security number, address, telephone number, and reason for calling. As with any Student Health Service encounter, the information discussed with the Ask-A-Nurse is confidential and may be entered in your medical record. The information provided by telephone by the Ask-A-Nurse is consultative and should not be considered a definitive diagnosis or treatment."

      Ask The Nurse, Illinois, University of:"Students, Staff and Faculty of UIS are welcome to ask the nurse Questions. Lynne Price, R.N., B.S.N., is the Campus Health Service Director for the University of Illinois, Springfield campus. If you have any medical questions or questions regarding the UIS Campus Health Service, just ask Lynne by using the comment box and clicking on the "Submit" button below."
      You can also contact Lynne by calling (217) 206-6676 or faxing (217) 206-7779.

    Kentucky Ask A Nurse Services:

      Mountain States NurseLink:"When you use Mountain States NurseLink, you can be sure that you will find professional and confidential services using the latest medical knowledge. We cannot diagnose your problem, but we can help provide medical information and assist you with the decision whether you should go to the emergency room, call your doctor or simply use home care."
      1 (800) 888-5551
      Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

    Massachusetts Ask A Nurse Services:

      Cancer AnswerForm, University of Michigan:"Communicate with a cancer nurse online! The information you send through this form will go directly to a knowledgeable cancer nurse who will respond promptly. Note: The Cancer InformationLine will not review medical records or make a diagnosis based on the information you provide online."
      If you would rather speak with a nurse directly, please call 1-800-865-1125
      U-M, Comprehensive Cancer Center 1500 E. Medical Center Drive CCGC 6-303
      Ann Arbor, MI 48109-0944

    Missouri Ask A Nurse Services:

      Nurseline (Ask a NurseP), Saint Luke's Health System, Missouri:"Saint Luke's Health System is proud to offer the Kansas City and surrounding communities this valued telephone information service. Speak to a team of experienced Registered Nurses, who are available to take your call day and night, 24-hours per day, seven days per week. Callers can turn to us for health care guidance on everything from how to remove a tick or treat the flu, to more serious health care concerns."
      For more Information call NurseLine at 816.932.6220 or 800.932.6220 (outside KC)

    Montana Ask A Nurse Services:

      Ask A Nurse: Montana, Billings: St. Vincent Healthcare:"Sometimes you just need a quick answer to a medical question that's worrying you. Our nurses are trained to answer questions like those, and our ASK-A-NURSE program lets you get simple answers to simple questions fast. If you have a question for one of us, we have several ways you can reach us quickly and with complete confidentiality (and they're all free). You may either send an e-mail message using the form below to one of our nurses at ASK-A-NURSE, or call 406-657-8778 . We promise we'll have an answer for you as soon as we can. Any time of day or night, any day of the week, we're here and ready to listen."

    New Hampshire Ask A Nurse Services:

      ASK-A-NURSE®, Catholic Medical Center, Manchester New Hampshire:"With ASK-A-NURSE®, a registered nurse is as close as your phone. You can get around-the-clock health care information by dialing 626.2626. You'll speak with a specially-trained registered nurse who will carefully listen to your questions and then help you make an informed decision about your health care. You'll get accurate, confidential information in the privacy of your of charge. You can trust all your health care concerns to ASK-A-NURSE® because we are upheld by the leading doctors and services of Catholic Medical Center. In addition to these many resources, our experienced team of registered nurses uses a comprehensive data base of health information to give you fast, reliable health information when you need it or night."
      100 McGregor Street, Manchester, NH 03102. For more information, please call 603.668.3545, 800.437.9666 or call ASK-A-NURSE® at 603.626.2626

    New Jersey Ask A Nurse Services:

    New York Ask A Nurse Services:

      Ask Viahealth, Rochester New York:"You can fill out the form below or call 1-877-922-LINK. Please note that ViaHealth will only answer health questions from people who live in the seven county Rochester, New York area including: Livingston, Monroe, Ontario, Seneca, Wayne, Wyoming, and Yates counties. In conjunction with the ViaHealth Wellness Information Center, we can provide information on nearly any health concern, including specific diseases and conditions, emotional or mental health issues, and information on how to lead a healthy lifestyle including diet, exercise, and stress management."

      Saint Vincent Ask-A-Nurse, West New York:"*Saint Vincent Ask-A-Nurse is licensed to accept calls from within the Erie County region and from Westfield, NY, only. Please consult your local phone book for your region's health information service. With Ask-A-Nurse®, a service of Saint Vincent Health System, health information is just a phone call away. When you dial our number between 7 a.m. and 11 p.m., you'll speak directly to a specially-trained registered nurse. You can trust even your most serious health care concerns to Ask-A-Nurse, because we're backed by leading physicians and hospital services right here in the Erie community. Our experienced team of registered nurses uses a computerized database to give you fast, reliable health care information 365 days a year. You'll get accurate, confidential information in the privacy of your own home free of charge. "
      Phone: 814/452-5500 Toll-free: 800/326-8080

      Ask-A-Nurse®, Saint Vincents: Westfield Memorial Hospital, New York State:"Ask-A-Nurse® is ready to assess your symptoms, help you decide what to do and help you find a doctor to meet your needs. As a community service of Westfield Memorial Hospital, Ask-A-Nurse is one of the most trusted health care information and physician referral programs. And best of all, the Ask-A-Nurse registered nurses are on duty 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If you live in the Westfield, NY, area, just call 1-800-326-8080.
      Westfield Memorial Hospital
      189 East Main Street Westfield, NY 14787

    North Carolina Ask A Nurse Services:

      ASK FIRST, NorthEast Medical Center:"Free 24-Hour Information Line in Concord, North Carolina. The most advanced phone information system in the area is right here at NorthEast Medical Center. The ASK FIRST system centralizes health information making it more accessible to out patients and the community. Ask First is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week by trained healthcare professionals. In addition, free automated information covering over 1,000 health-related topics can be easily accessed with just one phone call."
      NorthEast Medical Center
      920 Church Street North Concord, NC 28025
      Phone: 1-800-575-1275 or 783-1275

      Conemaugh Nurse Connection, Conemaugh Health System, Pennsyvlania:"The toll-free Conemaugh Nurse Connection gives you 24-hour, direct access to a caring and compassionate registered nurse who offers health information, physician referral or patient symptom assessment. Our nurses have access to a vast electronic library, which is used in more than 500 hospitals in the U.S. and Canada. From the library, our nurses can access information about more than 1,500 medical topics and 6,000 medications. Printed reference information can also be sent to you upon request."
      1086 Franklin Street · Johnstown, PA 15905

      Mountain States NurseLink:"When you use Mountain States NurseLink, you can be sure that you will find professional and confidential services using the latest medical knowledge. We cannot diagnose your problem, but we can help provide medical information and assist you with the decision whether you should go to the emergency room, call your doctor or simply use home care."
      1 (800) 888-5551
      Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

    South Carolina Ask A Nurse Services:

      MUSC Enurses, Medical University of South Carolina:"MUSC's specially trained health resource nurses are available to answer your health related questions. Our nurses tap the resources of our esteemed physicians and professors to give you the most complete response possible. Please note that this forum is not a substitute for your physician's advice and is intended for health information only. Health resource nurses cannot diagnose your condition or answer specific questions regarding a specific patient. They have training which qualifies them to assist you in determining your need to seek medical attention and to provide health information. If you or your family member has a medical emergency please call 911."
      Medical University of South Carolina
      171 Ashley Avenue Charleston, SC 29425
      MUSC Health Connection can be reached toll-free by dialing 1-800-424-MUSC, or 792-1414

    South Dakota Ask A Nurse Services:

    Tennessee Ask A Nurse Services

    Virginia Ask A Nurse Services:

      Ask-A-Nurse Your "Healthcare" Hotline, Eastern Virginia:"It would be nice if we only needed medical attention from 9 to 5. But what can you do when your child wakes up with an earache at four in the morning? Or your spouse complains of a high fever or a persistent cough at midnight? Fortunately, there's Ask-A-Nurse®. Available around the clock. Our registered nurses are specially trained to assess your symptoms over the phone, help you decide what to do, and recommend appropriate doctors and health services. We keep the same hours as your body. So call our free hotline anytime. Day or night."

      Mountain States NurseLink:"When you use Mountain States NurseLink, you can be sure that you will find professional and confidential services using the latest medical knowledge. We cannot diagnose your problem, but we can help provide medical information and assist you with the decision whether you should go to the emergency room, call your doctor or simply use home care."
      1 (800) 888-5551
      Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, and North Carolina.

    Wisconsin Ask A Nurse Services:

      ASK-A-Nurse: Wisconsin: Bellin:"Bellin ASK-A-NURSE® is a confidential, free health inffree health information and referral service for the public staffed by Registered Nurses 24 hours a day . Bellin ASK-A-NURSE® can be reached by calling (920) 433-7900 The nurses ask a series of questions about your concern and then direct callers to the level of medical care appropriate for the symptoms. They use an approved computerized program and document each call. Because they have to document each call for legal reasons they will ask for your name, address, birthdate, physician and insurance carrier. This information is confidential and never used outside of the ASK-A-NURSE® department."


Topic Specific Ask A Nurse Resources:

Childbirth, Obstetrics, Pregnancy

    Ask A Nurse Questions and Answers,"Shirley Wingate RNC CD is an OB/GYN nurse with 12 years experience as an obstetrical nurse and childbirth educator. She is certified as a specialist in women's health and is an experienced labor and postpartum doula in private practice. She is the founder and director of "Birth Matters Inc." a prenatal and parenting resource and support center. Throughout her career she has been involved in developing, teaching and expanding services in the community to educate families and support them as they face the changes, challenges and choices that childbearing brings."

Cancer, Oncology

    Ask the nurse, (Great Britain):"A diagnosis of breast cancer can leave you feeling afraid, shocked, angry, or any number of different emotions. We have prepared this website so you should be able to find information about your specific treatment, diagnosis or worry. We also have a team of specialist breast care nurses who can to address any queries you may still have. Email and we guarantee to send a personal response within five working days. If your query is urgent, you may want to ring our helpline on 0808 800 6000 (textphone 0808 800 6001). See about us for details of opening hours."

    Ask the Nurse, Bladder Cancer WebCafe:"Sharon McMullen, RN, CCRN, BSN, BA is a critical care nurse working in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA with professional experience ranging from general surgical nursing to critical care nursing to emergency nursing. She will be glad to help you translate medical jargon, read between the lines of your medical records, or just navigate the often confusing world of health care."
    Please send your questions to "Ask the Nurse" c/o

Nursing School Questions, Kaitlyn Smith-Woods:"Hi! My name is Kaitlyn Smith-Woods, I'm a fulltime nurse at a major hospital in a beautiful city somewhere in the heart of California. I struggled with the decision to quit my job as a research technician and return to school to get a BSN but it's the most emotionally and financially rewarding choice I've made in life and I hope my website will encourage others to take the plunge. Have questions you'd like covered? Ask away and I'll do my best to answer them. Scroll past my articles for the Q&A section."

Categories: Ask The Nurse, Nursing Discussions, Nursing Schools (Nurse Education), Colleges of Nursing, Personal Nurse Websites


Woundcare, Decubitus Ulcers

    Ask-A-Nurse, Amerigel Wound Care Products:"Welcome to Amerigel's Ask-A-Nurse. Amerx Health Care Corporation is dedicated to producing quality products and providing support to our customers, both professional and consumer alike. We understand the frustration associated with managing wounds and the difficulty in finding a product that works well. Managing a wound is not a simple task and occasionally a customer has questions regarding our products, application techniques, appropriate dressings, etc. Clearly, any problem wound should be seen and assessed by a qualified practitioner so that a Management plan can be established. The information that we provide through Ask-A-Nurse should not be construed as the sole source of medical advice, but as a suggestion, as it is impossible to properly assess an individual's condition over the phone or in writing."
    Amerx Health Care Corporation
    1150 Cleveland Street, Suite 410 Clearwater, FL 33755
    Phone 888/263-7942 Fax 727/447-5617


Individual Nursing, Ask A Nurse Sites:

    Richard J. Boyle, RN, Ask A Nurse:"Feel free to email me if you have a health-related question. You will receive a response. As the site grows a new page of FAQ's will be added. Be aware that the information at this site is not intended for the diagnosis and treatment of illness. Only a licensed physician may perform those duties."

Nurse To Nurse Ask A Nurse Services:

    Ask-A-Nurse is our Q&A column for students and other individuals interested in the nursing profession. Research and education questions are answered by the site leader, and questions related to nursing practice are answered by one or more members of our nursing panel. Do you have a question about the field of nursing you would like to see addressed on this site? Use the form below to send your questions to the site leader (Submission Form). Previous questions are listed on the side bar - click on any question you would like to read to be taken to the archives.

    We can help.

    Through Keen, you'll have live access to healthcare professionals ready to answer your questions on any topic 24 hours/day, 7 days a week.

    When you first register with Keen, you'll receive a $5.00 credit to spend on any speaker you choose! We charge 50 cents/minute which will give you a 10 minute conversation for free.



Other Medical Advice sites:"Our site is one of the first complete medical clinics online ! All your healthcare concerns can be addressed on asktheinternettherapist. Our medical staff includes physicians, nurses, chiropractors, nutritionists, and masseuses. We even have a staff veterinarian for those special members of your household! Our goal is to treat the whole person. We can provide an economical Internet consultation with several specialists simultaneously or individually to help you with ALL your health concerns."


Ask Your Pharmacist! How to Read a Doctor's Prescription, Brilliant Communication or Chicken Scratch? :"Q. What does all that doctor's scribble on my prescription mean? Is there a trick to help me read prescriptions? A. Just like the English speak English, French speak French and the Vietnamese speak Vietnamese, doctors, nurses and pharmacists speak the language of medicine. It takes years of training to understand what might be spoken amongst health care professionals in your local hospital or the dense pages of information written in your own medical chart. Your prescription is an extension of this medical terminology. It contains key information and directions regarding your medication including the name, the dose, how to take it, when to take it, how frequently it should be ingested, and when the medication should be stopped, if it is to be taken for a definite duration."

Illegible Handwriting, Physician's Penmanship, Direct Patient Care,


The Doctors Lounge:"The Doctors Lounge is one of the most popular online medical resources for physicians, students and allied clinical professionals. It provides both clinical and technical information through multimedia tutorials and other study aids. Both patients and professionals can seek answers to medical questions via the public discussion boards. Please review our Terms & Conditions of Use. The Doctors Lounge was founded in April 2000 in South Dakota, USA; when two physicians, Dr. Tamer Fouad, M.D. and Dr. Yasser Mokhtar, M.D., decided to create a free online medical community that provides its visitors with premiere articles that can only be found in a paid service.

******************************************************"If you've made the decision to obtain doctor guidance and doctor services, you have now found yourself facing the tough task of finding the best possible provider of doctor services. In this day and age, there are literally tens of thousands of different doctor service providers and professionals in operation on both the Internet and World Wide Web. However, when it comes to the best service and latest technology offered by a doctor service provider either on the Net or on the real world, is unmatched, unparalleled. One of the unique and most significant benefits of is found in the fact that offers a wide range of different doctor services. understands that when it comes to doctor services, one size does not fit all. What works for one person does not necessarily work for someone else. Therefore, has worked hard to offer the most comprehensive menu of meaningful doctor services to be found anywhere in the word today"
Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm at 888 3 NEW DOCTOR, (888) 363 9362


If you are in need of medical advice, nurse are available for a per minute fee and can provide that service.

That number is 1-888-464-3646, ext. 0178615 or

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