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New and updated on the Nurse Friendly!

  1. Nurses Views of The Nursing Profession:
    ----Nursing: Pros and Cons by Christy Picton, RN, BSN

  2. Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses,
    ----Creating the Image of Success for the Nurse Entrepreneur:

  3. Nursing Jokes & Humor,
    ----Top Ten Ways To Tell You're A New Dad
    ----Little Johnny Does Math
    ----Wife With Gas
    ----A Doctor, A Nurse And A Shredder
    ----He Thinks He's A Surgeon

  4. Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories,
    ----If Tomorrow Never Comes
    ----You Never Know
    ----Things My Mother Taught Me
    ----Every Woman Should Know
    ----Every Woman Should Have

  5. Chat Rooms, Discussion Groups,
    ----Nursing Forum, Sponsored by Renal Staffing Group
    ----Legal Nurse Consultants Discussion Forum

  6. Department & Specialty Nursing
    ----Cancer, Oncology Links,
    ----Cancer Information Network (The Network)
    ----Mesothelioma Information, Malignant, Asbestos Exposure:
    ----Drug Addictions, Substance Abuse Nurses:
    ----Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD):
    ----What Are Kidney Stones, Renal or Urinary Calculi:
    ----Grief, Bereavement, Pregnancy Loss:
    ----Hospice, Palliative Care, End of Life, Dying, Death:
    ----Medical Search Engines (Medlines):

  7. Drugs & Medications:
    ----Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN):

  8. Nursing Jobs on The Nursefriendly:
    ----Traveling Nurses, Travel Nursing Agencies:

  9. Shopping Links:
    ----Nursing Uniforms & Scrubs, Clothing Shopping Links:
    ----Real Estate-House Hunting, Insurance Rates, Quotes, Resources:


Nurses Views of The Nursing Profession:

Nursing: Pros and Cons by Christy Picton, RN, BSN, Illinois Nurses' Views of The Nursing Profession

Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses:

Creating the Image of Success for the Nurse Entrepreneur:


Nursing Jokes & Humor:

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Our Newest Jokes:

Top Ten Ways To Tell You're A New Dad, Top Ten Jokes, Parenting Humor:


Little Johnny Does Math, Childrens Jokes, Parenting Humor:


Wife With Gas, Marriage Jokes, Matrimony Humor:


A Doctor, A Nurse And A Shredder, Nursing Jokes, Medical Humor


He Thinks He's A Surgeon, Medical Jokes, Pearly Gates Humor


Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories

To subscribe, send a blank e-mail to:

If Tomorrow Never Comes, Inspiration Poems, Touching Stories


You Never Know, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories


Things My Mother Taught Me, Parenting Jokes, Motherhood Humor


Every Woman Should Know. . . , Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories


Every Woman Should Have, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories


Nursing Chat Rooms, Discussion Groups:

Nursing Forum, Sponsored by Renal Staffing Group - Dialysis Recruiters:"Below are various threaded message boards on Dialysis Online. This board is intended to be an open forum for professionals treating End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) and other issues related to kidney disease or failure."


Legal Nurse Consultants Discussion Forum:"This forum is for nurses who are currently practicing in the field of legal nurse consulting or would like to start their own practice. This forum is not for personal advertisements but is meant to be a resource for nurses interested in the legal aspects of our practice."

More like this,

Department & Specialty Nursing:

Cancer, Oncology Links on: The Nurse Friendly:

Cancer Information Network (The Network):"The Cancer Information Network (The Network) is a noncommercial site founded to provide support and information to cancer patients and their caregivers. It is our desire to provide patients with the latest high-quality information from reputable sources and the tools to decipher and organize that information. The Network is founded on the belief that proactive patients who educate themselves to take an active role in decisions regarding their therapy can effect their outcome in a positive way. The Cancer Information Network also provides links to various forums and newsgroups to allow patients to interact with other patients to provide support and share experiences and resources. The Cancer Information Network: 221-227 Canal Street, Suite 409
New York, NY 10013


Mesothelioma Information, Malignant, Asbestos Exposure, Lung & Respiratory Cancer & Oncology, Direct Patient Care Links


Drug Addictions, Substance Abuse Nurses, Psychiatric, Psych Nursing, Mental Health:

    Rehabilitation Facilities:

    St Jude Retreat House:"St Jude Retreat House offers an alternative to conventional drug rehab and substance abuse treatment programs providing a permanent solution for recovery from drug addiction and alcoholism. Offering a solution for people suffering from drug abuse, substance abuse, chemical dependency, drug addiction and alcoholism."
    St Jude Retreat House:


Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Respiratory Diseases, Pulmonary Conditions:


What Are Kidney Stones, Renal or Urinary Calculi, Kidneys, Dialysis Resources:


Grief, Bereavement, Pregnancy Loss, Death, Dying, Miscarriage, Pregnancy:

Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB), Inc.:"Welcome to the website of CLIMB, the Center for Loss in Multiple Birth, Inc. We are parents throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and beyond who have experienced the death of one or more, both or all of our twins or higher multiples at any time from conception through birth, infancy and childhood. We originated in 1987, when a mother whose twin son died very suddenly at birth believed that she was truly the only one--then began to search for "a few" others. Soon, she was hearing from families everywhere who were struggling to cope and heal from the devastating loss of their twin or twins, their triplet or triplets or other higher multiples, in a wide variety of circumstances -- in sad contrast to the happy images of multiples portrayed in the media and elsewhere."
Center for Loss in Multiple Birth (CLIMB), Inc.
P.O. Box 91377 Anchorage AK 99509
907/ 222-5321,


Friends Supporting Parents:"Welcome to Friends Supporting Parents. Friends Supporting Parents is a non-profit organization established in 1982. Our goal is to serve the needs of families experiencing early pregnancy loss, stillbirth and newborn death. Our organization serves the community by offering monthly support meetings. These meetings are held at St. Thomas Church located at 8771 15 Mile Rd. Sterling Heights, Michigan. They are held on the first Monday of each month and run from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M."


Hospice, Palliative Care, End of Life, Dying, Death

Perinatal Hospice/Supportive Care for the Dying Unborn Infant:"Perinatal hospice provides supportive care for parents and the infant with a serious or fatal birth defect both before and after birth. Most people think of hospice as applying to the elderly or at least adults. It has also been extended to children and even to babies. But it was Dr. Byron Calhoun of Madigan Army Hospital who developed the concept of perinatal hospice."
Supportive Care of the Dying: A Coalition for Compassionate Care Founded in 1994 c/o Providence Health System Sylvia McSkimming, PhD, RN, Executive Director
4805 NE Glisan Street,2E07 Portland, Oregon 97213
tel: (503) 215-5053 fax: (503) 215-5054 e-mail:


Etiology Of Malnutrition In The Cancer Patient, Total Parenteral Nutrition In Cancer Patients, Orthomolecular Oncology:"The etiology of malnutrition is multifactorial, involving secretion of cytokines such as tumor necrosis factor (TNF) by tumor directly or from antigen-antibody allergic response to antineoplastic therapy. Unlike simple starvation, this metabolic response leads to visceral tissue depletion, labelled bypoalbuminemic malnutrition (Harvey et al., 1979). Additional tissue cytokines result in protein wasting, depletion of body fat, and decreased food intake (Fong et al., 1989). The consequence of this cancer cachexia is cell-mediated immune deficiency. Excess morbidity and mortality result from opportunistic infection and failure of wound healing. It is also important to recognize that in some patients specific micronutrient deficiencies, such as iron, calcium, magnesium, or vitamin B12 deficiency can be present even in the absence of weight loss and can be devastating (Blackburn et al., 1977)."


Medical Search Engines (Medlines):

Medicine Australia:"Medicine Australia is published by the Northern Rivers Division of General Practice (NSW) Ltd. The philosophy of MedAu, launched in April 1996, is to be a cooperative project - a place in cyberspace where doctors can share their thoughts and knowledge with others. It also supports the open source software movement, which encourages a co-operative effort among programmers and users to facilitate software development."
16 Carrington Street (PO Box 519), Lismore, NSW 2480, Australia.
Ph: +61 (0)2 6622 4453 Fax: +61 (0)2 6622 3185


Drugs & Medications:

Indinavir Sulfate, Crixivan, AIDS/HIV Drugs, Antivirals, Prescription Drugs, Medications, Medicines


Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN),

Pediatric Parenteral Nutrition, Specialized Clinical Services, Gastroenterology and Nutrition, Department of Pediatrics, School of Medicine, Washington University in St. Louis:"Parenteral nutrition (PN) is a method of supplying nourishment to children unable to eat. The implementation of PN requires decisions about route of infusion, composition of infusate, and the possibility of unusual nutritional needs. The potential benefits and risks for each patient weigh in these decisions. Considered variables or parameters include: child's illness obstacle to enteral feeding: absolute or partial? Temporary or indefinite duration? pre-existing and anticipated nutritional needs quality of life issues: continuous versus cyclic infusion?"
Campus Box 1143, One Brookings Drive, St. Louis, MO 63130


Total Parenteral Nutrition Calculator:"Provides an online assessment of intravenous total parenteral nutrition. Great for pharmacists,nurses,physicians."


Nursing Jobs on The Nursefriendly:


Shopping Links:

Nursing Uniforms & Scrubs, Clothing Shopping Links:

Uniform Advantage:"Your source for Scrubs: Landau, Crest, UA, Cherokee, Barco, Peaches, Dickies, Nurse Mates, Labcoats, Shoes and Accessories. Order online, request a free catalog or visit one of our 23 retail stores! Call 1-800-283-8708 to request a catalog and mention LINK0010 to receive a special offer."
6458 South Street
Lakewood, CA 90713-1713
Mon - Sat 9:30 - 7 Sun 1 - 5 1-800-283-8708
(562) 804-1226


Scrubs Gallery:"Scrubs Gallery, which has worked in and served the medical industry for several successful years. Owners of Scrubs Gallery are experienced in fine quality, excellent value, best pricing, and convenient shopping. Our goal is to provide personal service to satisfy each and every one of our customers. We have worked endlessly to bring the highest quality materials and workmanship to healthcare professionals in our area. Now that we have decided to extend our services to our Website, we will strive to provide this same service to our online customers."
Scrubs Gallery
P.O. Box 936 San Antonio, Florida 33576
1-800-732-9825 (Access #55)


SD Scrubs Online: Fashion & Apparel For The Healthcare Industry."
2728 E Palmdale Blvd, Suite 101 Palmdale, CA 93550
Toll Free (866) 274-9799 Fax (661) 274-9747


Real Estate-House Hunting, Insurance Rates, Quotes, Resources


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