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Best of Nursing Humor: A Collection of Articles, Essays, and Poetry Published in the Nursing Literature by Colleen Kenefick, Amy Y. Young,"As a student nurse I found this book hysterical!!! The student nursing short stories were so easy to relate to. Finally I realize I am not alone, there are more psycho instructors out there marking papers as if they were Zorro using a red pen, and it is not just our facility that "treats report as if it were classified information, and we don't have proper clearance." A must get for the nurse in your life, or for yourself for humor you can relate to."

I Always Faint When I See a Syringe: Nurse Student Tales by Florence Hardesty (R.N.),"A former nursing professor writes about her students with affection and humor. She introduces the reader to her favorite patients, the ones whose struggles with mental illness, inspired and illustrated her lectures for a quarter of a century. Hardesty's own experience as a mature returning student should encourage those who seek furthur education."

Nurstoons the Art of Nursing: A Collection of Nursing Cartoons by Carl Elbing Jr.,"Witty and often-outrageous cartoons depicting professional nursing issues with the humor only a nurse can provide. From the Foreword: Learned theorists say that Nursing is both a science and an art. It is a science because of words like microgram and oophorectomy (trust me, that's how you spell it). It is an art because, well, it takes a lot of creativity to pass out all 0900 meds at 0900 (and a bit of time traveling too). Only a Nurse is professionally prepared to wipe bottoms and differentiate v-tach from SVT. Only a Nurse performs services, many of them lifesaving, which get billed as a room charge. Only a Nurse."


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Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road (Commentary from Clinton to Captain Kirk)
The Top Ten Reasons Jokes
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Alan's Original Humor Archive


A Nurse's Prayer,"Note: I received this framed from my grandmother when i graduated from Nursing School in 1974 - if you know anything about the author or other works of Rita Riche, i would love to hear from you."

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Workshops Offered by J.T. "Bubba" Sikes, Instructor:"The Healing Power Of Laughter" ... Hospital Clowning. There is a huge need for clowns in the hospitals. The problem is getting the hospital to give you the opportunity.
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