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"Would You Recommend Nursing" by Annette Tersigni RN, The YogaNurse®.:"Nursing is a calling. I was called when I was 48 years young and graduated at 51. The smartest move I ever made in my life. Becoming a nurse was not what I expected though. The 'eating your young thing.' I was determined to do something about that. I recognized there was a massive need to help nurses with their stress, anxiety, pain and suffering both in mind and body. I was a long time yoga teacher before I became a nurse. When I graduated from nursing I had a vision to unite the modern science of nursing with the ancient wisdom was born. Voila! The YogaNurse® was born! So yes, I certainly do recommend Nursing. By becoming a nurse it opened up a whole new career path for me and a life I love. And now I have the privilege of teaching thousands of nurses who want to be part of the YogaNurse Movement. We are together creating greater unity consciousness, with greater health, peace and wisdom both nurses and their patients worldwide."


Nursefriendly Entrepreneur Registration Form:

Your Name, Degrees Licenses (Nursing and non-nursing degrees/licenses are fine to list): Annette Tersigni RN

Education and Certifications:

  • RN Wellness Educator
  • Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator
  • Stress Management Consultant
  • Certified Kripalu Yoga teacher
  • Certified Integral Medical Yoga teacher
  • Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 (experienced, registered yoga teacher)
  • Meditation teacher and certified Lay Pastoral Minister for the sick & the dying

    Your Business Name (if applicable): Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management

    Business Organization? Sole Proprietorship?

    Why did you choose this type of organization? To Increase well-being of nurses their patients and health care.

    Please describe in detail your business/services you provide: I am the founder of YogaNurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management and am the YogaNurse® Model of Care and YogaNursing. YogaNursing is the union of modern nursing science with the ancient science of yoga. My programs are endorsed by doctors and health care providers as a safe therapy to decrease pain and suffering and help improve patient care. I have dedicated the past years educating nurses and everyday people around the world on leading healthier, spiritual lifestyles. We offer online courses and live trainings via our website.

    I am a heart felt, passionate speaker, coach, teacher and writer, featured extensively in the media including in the Associated Press and on NBC, CBS, Fox News affiliates and have been interviewed on national TV by Arielle Ford as one of America’s Experts. I am producing, writing, and acting in several DVD documentary/educational projects: training and coaching other nurses, yoga teachers and health professionals throughout the USA and Canada to be Certified YogaNurses.

    YogaNurse Mission Statement: To create a global army of modern nightingales, YogaNurses to uplift our ailing health care system; to relieve pain and suffering and increase quality of life for nurses and all whom they serve worldwide.

    State/Province: North Carolina

    Zip Code: 28516






    Homepage Address:,

    Type of business categories would you would like to be listed (no maximum, we make up new categories frequently for registrants):

    Existing categories are listed here:

    Keywords, Phrases that describe your business, experience, services:
    Nurse Stress, Holistic Nursing, Yoga for nurses, Benefits of yoga for nurses, Yoga nursing, RN yoga teacher, Medical yoga therapy,nurse trainings,nurse entrepreneur,nursing yoga and cancer,nursing yoga and heart disease,nurse self-care,nurse burn-out,help for nurse anxiety,alternative health for nurses,career in yoga,yoga nurse trainings,medical benefits of yoga,nurse speakers,stress relief expert,nurse yoga teacher

    Contact person(s): Annette Tersigni

    In what date (month/year) did you start your business? January 2006 Registered the YogaNurse® trademarks and website. I had a vision of creating the YogaNurse as a modern nightingale super hero to help with pain and suffering.

    What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing? I wanted the medical knowledge base to combine with my yoga expertise and felt I could really make a difference for my patients and nurses with this winning combo.

    What is your experience and background in Nursing? Cardiac, Orthopedic, Hospice, Cancer, Employee Health, Education

    Would you recommend Nursing as a career? Absolutely! Infinite possibilities including becoming a YogaNurse.

    How did you hear about the Nursefriendly, LinkedIn

    The year were you first licensed as a nurse? 2002

    What made you decide to start your own business? I was unable to help my colleagues and patients in the way I visioned and was getting increasingly frustrated!! I was an entrepreneur prio to becoming a nurse and set out to pursue Yoga Nursing and start a private practice.
    View previous responses:

    How many times have you changed employers in your career? Twice. I am now self employed as CEO of YogaNurse®.

    What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business? Compassion. Empathy. WE get the job done, reliable, professional, critical thinkers, organized, personable, knowledgeable and trust worthy.
    View previous responses:

    Do you currently practice as a nurse? If yes in what type of setting? I work full-time now teaching nurses with the YogaNurse Model of Care.

    Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: Burn out, low-self esteem, bullying, nurses do not realize how powerful they are!

    View previous responses:

    Other areas of interest and expertise: Writing, entrepreneruship, spiritual lifestyle studies, am a lifelong student.



    Annette Tersigni RN, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health:"Annette Tersigni RN, the Yoga Nurse®, is a former model and Hollywood actor turned nurse and stress management expert. She is the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management® and is the creator of the new field of Yoga Nursing®. Her programs are endorsed by many doctors and health care providers as a safe adjunct therapy to increase quality of life. She has dedicated the past 16 years educating people around the world on leading healthier, spiritual lifestyles. A sought after speaker and writer, she has been featured extensively in the media including in the Associated Press and on NBC news affiliates."


    Annette Tersigni, RN,"The first Modern Nightingale. Nurse-Healer-Yogini. Writer. Conscious Lifestyle. Self-Inquiry. Love to Enlighten-UP"


    Annette Tersigni, The Yoga Nurse, Profile:"Annette appears as a frequent guest on TV and radio as an expert in her field, writes for nursing and medical media and is putting the final touches on forthcoming book. Her popular CD, How to Grow Younger with Yoga Nurse Emergency Stress Relief,has received great reviews and is endorsed by doctors and major yoga organizations including the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health."


    Annette Tersigni 58 by The Yoga Nurse,"Greetings readers. This is an absolutely fabulous time in my life. Why? I was once a Hollywood model and actress living a glamorous life, but while still enjoying a successful livelihood felt inspired to do something more with my life. This feeling led me to become a registered nurse, move to the East Coast and start my nursing career in the cardiac unit of a local North Carolina hospital. I first started using my therapeutic skills to help my co-workers deal with daily job stress. I then began incorporating yoga and meditation as forms of therapy with my patients and saw excellent results. I realized integrating yoga therapy and nursing was a valuable service that could benefit patients and people from all walks of life. With that in mind, I founded Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress Management and created a new field in health care called Yoga Nursing and I am now called the Yoga Nurse."


    Annette Tersigni, RN,"Annette, is the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress management. A former cover girl and Hollywood actress turned nurse and stress management expert, she has dedicated the last 14 years to educating people in Europe, Canada and the USA on how to lead healthy and spiritual lifestyles. Carteret General Health Care employees in Morehead City, North Carolina, say their lives have improved since Annette, a fellow employee, introduced them to a peaceful reprieve."


    Annette Tersigni, RN,"Annette is a: *Certified Ayurvedic Health Educator *Stress Management Consultant *Certified Kripalu and Integral medical yoga teacher *Yoga Alliance ERYT 500 *Meditation teacher and *Certified Lay Pastoral Minister for the sick & the dying Annette, is the founder of Yoga Nurse Medical Yoga and Stress management. A former cover girl and Hollywood actress turned nurse and stress management expert, she has dedicated the last 14 years to educating people in Europe, Canada and the USA on how to lead healthy and spiritual lifestyles. Carteret General Health Care employees in Morehead City, North Carolina, say their lives have improved since Annette, a fellow employee, introduced them to a peaceful reprieve."
    11 Cranberry Hwy
    P.O. Box 519
    Sagamore, MA 02561


    Annette Tersigni, RN, Holistic-Health-And-Wellness-Podcast,"09.10.09 | Holistic Health & Wellness - Episode 51: Meditation and Yoga Nursing, an interview with Annette Tersigni, RN, of on meditation, Ayurvedic medicine, yoga and a new field called "Yoga Nursing". Check out the Holistic Health & Wellness Blog for more info and links!"


    Yoga Nurse Therapeautic Promo with Annette Tersigni,"Yoga Nurse Therapeautic Yoga Promo Annette Tersigni - the Yoga Nurse"





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