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See Also: POSTPARTUM DEPRESSION: Why did it have to happen to me? by JENNI1396 (Jun 6 '00):"When I found out I was pregnant with our first daughter, I was happy, scared and shocked. I always wanted a baby, so of course I was happy about it, I was in shock, because after 3 years of marriage, not becoming pregnant, I thought it would never happen. Also, I was scared, because the baby had to come out one way or another and I was not looking forward to the pain, even though now that I have went through it, I would do it all over again."

What Do You Mean I Have Depression?!?!? by CJsMommy (Jan 8 '01)
Boy, this is the last opinion I ever thought I would be writing! First of all, my son is 16 months old. If I had post partum depression, don't you ...

I am not quite sure how and when my depression began. I know after I had my daughter at 16, I drowned myself in drugs to "forget" about ...

Talk to Someone by cristina1 (May 29 '00)
Now that the emotional rollercoaster ride of pregnancy is over, and you are holding your newborn in your arms, everything should be wonderful and ...

You only hear the good things by (May 19 '00)
When you are pregnant you only hear how wonderful it is to have a baby; how cute the baby is and how much you'll enjoy her. Maybe someone will joke ...

Postpartum Depression without Being Pregnant First? by Yzerman (Jun 12 '00)
Is it possible to get postpartum depression without having given birth? I am not sure what your doctor would say to this, but yes, I know it is ...

Postpartum Depression is Real by teddiec (Apr 11 '00)
I am writing this disagreeing opinion in response to another member's editorial regarding Postpartum Depression. I've decided that referring to ...

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Dealing with Depression Naturally:"I am 42 years old and most of my life I have had to deal with depression and most of all anxiety attacks with panic. So if there are any of you out there who goes through this I know exactly how you feel. Depression is dealt with differently by each individual, but no matter how you deal with it, it is still depression."

Depression Workbook: A Guide for Living with Depression & Manic Depression

Depression:Avoiding & Overcoming: I Love Me

His Bright Light

Living Somewhere Between Estrogen & Death:"Please don't read this book where silence is required because you will find yourself laughing out loud. You will be laughing at the witty and..."

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: Touched with Fire: Manic-Depressive Illness & the Artistic Temperament

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You Can Feel Good Again

Zen Path Through Depression:"Since depression sometimes responds well to drugs, it's natural to think that, without medicinal intervention, we're helpless in the face of it. Like John Tarrant's groundbreaking Light Inside the Dark, Philip Martin's The Zen Path Through Depression offers a powerful alternative. A psychiatric social worker having recovered from depression himself, Martin is a sympathetic voice, urging the reader not to escape from depression or fight against it but to face it and work through it. He says that the mindfulness exercises appended to each short section of his book are optional, but they seem essential. It's true that the book could stand alone with its one- and two-page sections devoted to trenchant explorations of fear, death, sufficiency, choice. But the exercises bring you through the quagmire of depression and back into life. They are true experiences that untie knots impervious to thought alone. Instead of thinking your thoughts, you watch them, and where they can take you finally is back into joyful living."



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