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Menstruation, Women's Health,"Normal and abnormal menstruation information from abnormal uterine bleeding to what it means when periods are late, heavy, or accompanied by PMS or cramps, as well as details about what to expect during a normal period and menstrual cycle. Menstrual Cramps (2)Bleeding DisordersAbnormal Bleeding (10)Glossary of Menstruation (14)Amenorrhea (5)Period FAQs (7)Bleeding After Sex (3)Premenstrual Syndrome FAQs (7)Bleeding After Sex, Teen Girls and Menstruation (6)Bleeding Between Periods (6)


Menstruation, When Your Period Hurts, American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists:"Many girls have mild cramps in the lower abdomen or pain in the lower back when their periods start. Cramping gives you a feeling of tightness and pain. This is normal. Some girls also go through other changes in the days or weeks before their menstrual periods start. The most common symptoms are: Bloating—a feeling of fullness in the abdomen, Tender breasts, Headache, Feeling tired, Mood swings, Food cravings."
The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
409 12th Street, SW
PO Box 96920
Washington, DC 20090-6920


Menstruation: A Journey Through Your Cycle, American Pregnancy Association:"What if my period is late or I missed my period? Sometimes a period may come late or be missed for the month. Frequently, a woman's first thought is that she is pregnant. Yes, that could be the case, but there are times when a woman may be late or miss her period for other unsuspected reasons. These reasons include: Significant weight gain/loss, Fatigue, Hormonal problems, Tension, Stress, Ceasing to take the birth control pill, Breastfeeding, Increase in exercise, Illness, Infections, STD's"
American Pregnancy Association
1431 Greenway Drive, Suite 800
Irving , Texas 75038
Phone Numbers: (972) 815-2337


Menstruation, Epigee, Women's Health:"Problems With Your Cycle: Having your period can be a real pain, in more ways than one. If you suffer from menstrual cramps, read up on why women feel such pain every month. You'll also get some handy tips on how to get rid of those menstrual cramps. But cramps don't only occur when you have your period. Women who notice period-like cramps half-way through their cycle may have mittelschmerz, a type of cramping that happens when you ovulate. However, if your menstrual cramps are so intense that you regularly experience severe pain, then you may actually have dysmenorrhea."


Menstrual Cycles: What Really Happens in those 28 Days?! Feminist Women's Health Center:"Have you ever wondered about the connection between your body's 28 day cycle and the cycle of the moon? Here's the theory. In the days before electricity, women's bodies were influenced by the amount of moonlight we saw. Just as sunlight and moonlight affect plants and animals, our hormones were triggered by levels of moonlight. And, all women cycled together. Today, with artificial light everywhere, day and night, our cycles no longer correspond to the moon. This article is dedicated to exploring menses: fact and fiction, then and now."
Feminist Women's Health Center
14220 Interurban Ave South #140
Seattle, WA, USA


Puberty and Periods, All About Menstruation,"Menstruation (a period) is a major stage of puberty in girls; it's one of the many physical signs that a girl is turning into a woman. And like a lot of the other changes associated with puberty, menstruation can be confusing. Some girls can't wait to start their periods, whereas others may feel afraid or anxious. Many girls (and guys!) don't have a complete understanding of a woman's reproductive system or what actually happens during the menstrual cycle, making the process seem even more mysterious."


Menstruation, Medlineplus:"Menstruation, or period, is a woman's monthly bleeding. Every month, your body prepares for pregnancy. If no pregnancy occurs, the uterus sheds its lining. The menstrual blood is partly blood and partly tissue from inside the uterus, or womb. It passes out of the body through the vagina. Periods usually start around age 12 and continue until menopause, at about age 51. Most periods last from three to five days. You should consult your health care provider if You haven't started menstruating by age 16 Your period suddenly stops You bleed excessively, or for more days than usual You suddenly feel sick after using tampons You bleed between periods You have severe pain during your period"
National Library of Medicine
8600 Rockville Pike Bethesda, Maryland 20894
Phone: (301) 496-6308 Fax: (301) 496-4450 email:


Museum of Menstruation and Women's Health:"Discover the rich history of menstruation and women's health on this Web site - MUM for short - devoted to menstruation and selected topics of women's health!"


Menstruation, Overview,"Eumenorrhea denotes normal, regular menstruation that lasts for a few days (usually 3 to 5 days, but anywhere from 2 to 7 days is considered normal).[2] The average blood loss during menstruation is 35 millilitres with 10-80 mL considered normal;[3] many women also notice shedding of the endometrium lining that appears as tissue mixed with the blood. (Sometimes this is erroneously thought to indicate an early-term miscarriage of an embryo.) An enzyme called plasmin — contained in the endometrium — tends to inhibit the blood from clotting. Because of this blood loss, premenopausal women have higher dietary requirements for iron to prevent iron deficiency. Many women experience uterine cramps, also referred to as dysmenorrhea, during this time, caused largely by the contractions of the uterine muscle as it expels the endometrial blood from the woman's body. A vast industry has grown to provide drugs to aid in these cramps, as well as sanitary products to help manage menses."


Menstruation and the Menstrual Cycle, Frequently Asked Questions,"What is menstruation? What is the menstrual cycle? What happens during the menstrual cycle? What is a typical menstrual period like? What kinds of problems do women have with their periods? When does a girl usually get her first period? How long does a woman have periods? When should I see a doctor about my period? How often should I change my pad/tampon?"
National Women's Health Information Center
8270 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive, Fairfax, VA 22031
1-800-994-9662 or 1-888-220-5446 for the hearing impaired.



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