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Breast Cancer and Genetic Screening:"Cancer is responsible for 20% of all deaths in the United States. What is being done about it? One of the hottest (and most controversial) areas of cancer research today involves screening people for cancer before symptoms develop. One way this may be possible is through genetic testing, that is, looking for specific cancer-related genes in a person's cells. Some of the most recent discoveries in this field involve breast cancer."

******************************************************"Breast cancer is the most common malignancy among women in the United States. This is shown in the graph on the right. Breast cancer is the most common cancer, and it effects women primarily."


Chemo Brain | 12 Ways to Help Someone with Chemo Brain |"The chemicals used in chemotherapy are powerful -- strong enough to kill cancer cells. That's a good thing, but they also seem to have a little-understood effect on the brain, causing cognitive problems such as memory lapses and loss of concentration. While it's tempting to think that these problems are all in the patient's mind, they're all too real, experts say. In fact, a study at the University of Rochester Medical Center found that more than 80 percent of people who receive chemotherapy for cancer report annoying memory and concentration problems that often linger for months, even after treatment is finished."
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Facts About Breast Cancer In The USA:"Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer in women in the United States. Both its cause and the means for its cure remain undiscovered. About two million breast cancer survivors are alive in America today."


Fibrocystic Breast "Disease":

The Breast Cancer Resource Guide of Massachusetts:"The guide includes 20 sections of text and resources that are meant to help someone who has breast cancer negotiate the maze of information available about this disease. Each section provides a brief overview of the topic (see Table of Contents) followed by Web sites, organizations and educational materials that further explain that topic."


National Alliance of Breast Cancer Organizations:"The information specialists at NABCO can answer your questions about breast cancer. Please send inquiries via e-mail, and include a mailing address and/or phone number to receive a detailed package of information about your question. E-mail"


Y-ME National Breast Cancer Organization:


"Hope" A Series of Photographs, NP Shoppe:"The "Hope" series is a project undertaken by our resident photographer and champion for a Breast Cancer cure, Candi Hoffman. It was a fund raising project, a creative endeavor, a labor of love and a way to put a "face" to cancer. Candi's goal, and we think she achieved it, was to have each photograph represent a characteristic, feeling, or personal trait that an individual with breast cancer has used to help herself cope."
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Breast Cancer In Australia:


Breast Cosmetic Surgery:

Atlanta Plastic Surgery Specialists:
Enlargement An attractive figure contributes to a woman's self-image and self-assurance. Women with limited breast development, tissue loss, or uneven development, may find it difficult to wear some clothing or feel good about themselves.

Breast augmentation can enhance your overall proportion by the correct placement of an implant behind both the breast tissue and chest muscles-presenting a balanced, natural shape. Be sure to discuss the several options available to minimize the possibility of scarring.

Reduction Mammoth, pendulous breasts can be both a physical and an emotional burden to you. Macromastia upsets the harmony of body contour and detracts from an otherwise pleasing figure. It also is a contributing factor to several uncomfortable medical conditions, such as chronic back and shoulder pain.

Reduction mammoplasty is done under a general anesthetic and may require hospitalization. Most insurance plans cover this operation.

Breast Uplift Sagging breasts can be lifted into a more youthful posture by reducing the skin envelope. This procedure may be done under a local or general anesthetic.


Breast Augmentation:


Breast Augmentation (Enlargement):This page gives a detailed discussion of breast enlargement. ******************************************************

Breast Ptosis (drooping):

Congenital Breast Deformity (Breast Augmentation):

Surgical Corrective Procedure for Pectus Excavatum and Pectus Carinatum:"Correction of chest wall defects known as pectus excavatum (sternal depression) and pectus carinatum (sternal protrusion) are now available to patients through the development of a new surgical procedure performed by Dr. Arnold Leonard."

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