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Your Name: Angela Halley RN, BSN, CLNC

Your Business Name (if applicable): River View Legal Nurse Consulting

Business Organization Type: Sole Proprietorship

Please describe your business: We specialize in providing legal nurse consulting services to attorneys (plaintiff and defense), insurance companies, workman’s compensation firms, and individual institutions for risk management services. Our firm has over 20 years of nursing experience in psychiatric, labor and delivery, pulmonary, neurology, medical/surgical nursing, and many areas of nursing management. River View Legal Nurse Consultants provides a time efficient and cost effective answer to your legal nurse consulting needs. Don't forget our risk free guarantee.

Street Address: 64 Deenie Dr

City: Bidwell

State: Ohio

Zip Code: 45614


Homepage Address:

What type of business or categories under which you would like to be listed:

Contact person(s): Angela Halley RN., BSN, CLNC

Phone number: 740-245-9891, Fax number: 740-245-0153

In what date (month/year) did you start your business?: September, 2004

What kind of nursing do you do?: Our firm has over 20 years experience in:

How did you hear about the Nurse Entrepreneur Homesite?: from

How many years have you been practicing as a nurse: 15

Professional organizations you belong to: CALNC

What made you decide to start your own business?: The need to try to make a difference, and to see if I could make it on my own.

Employment changes in career?: 6

What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business?: Compassion and empathy. The ability to organize and plan.

Where do you work?: Yes, mental health

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The amount of people that are joining the profession for the wrong reasons. People know of the nursing shortage, and know that jobs in this profession are plentiful, but some people would make a better dog warden than a nurse.

Other areas of interest and expertise: Long term care and nursing management.


This website is intended to be a resource for Legal Nurse Consultants, Attorneys looking to use their services, and nurses looking to enter the field of Legal Nurse Consulting. On our site you'll find a directory of LNCs by state and specialty., Check Your Mail, Free Nursing E-mail Accounts including

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Special Reports:

Legal Eagles: Put nursing, law and business together and what do you get? The exciting field of legal nurse consulting! By Barbara Marquand,"Gloria Blackmon, RNC, BSN, LNC, LNHA, never met the young man who lost his legs, but after reading over his medical records, the compassion she felt for him was as strong as if he had been her own patient. The young man had been living in an intermediate care facility for developmentally disabled adults when circulation problems in his legs became so severe that both limbs had to be amputated. His parents sued the facility and it was Blackmon's job, as a legal nurse consultant for their attorney, to review the records and determine if they had a valid case."
Peter Fuhrman National Sales Manager
49 Foy Drive Hamilton Square, NJ 08690
phone: (609) 689-1033 fax: (609) 689-1034


Combine Nursing and the Law through Legal Nurse Consulting, Meghan Persichino, RN, BSN, LNC,"Nursing and the law: While some nurses think only of the possibility of being sued, others understand the power of this partnership in improving health. These forward-thinking nurses are blazing a trail as legal nurse consultants (LNCs). An Emerging Role Nurses have been working alongside attorneys for almost 25 years, if not more. These nurses went by titles such as "nurse paralegal," "medical litigation consultant," and other monikers. In some instances, they combined the duties of both the paralegal and nursing professions; there was no uniform role definition."


Medical Information, The Internet, and You By Janabeth Fleming Evans R.N., R.N.C.," As a medical-legal consultant and Internet researcher I am asked every day to find authoritative medical literature references for a broad spectrum of topics. The information I am looking for may be used to support a claim, to debunk an expert theory, or to educate the attorney during the course of a case evaluation. Changes in the way medical information is stored, accessed, and retrieved have created a wealth of health care information. The Internet provides free access to a great deal of the medical literature, either in full text or citation/abstract format. Because anyone with access to the Web can establish a Web page, many medical sites contain little useful information, even though they may be visually appealing. For this reason, the quality of information available varies from very good to poor, and some sites even intend to mislead. It is important to search for peer reviewed information, from an authoritative source.
1275 Shiloh Road Suite 3130 Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
Phone: 770.805.0460 800.338.5954 Fax: 770.805.0430


Medical Legal Resources

Chain of Custody, Medical Legal & Law Enforcement Resources

Life Care Planning, Legal Nurse Consulting Resources on: The Nursefriendly

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This Portion of the Site contains a large Directory of Useful Links. For the Attorney and The Legal Nurse Consultant, Each will find Law and Legal Resources. We will continue to build and add to this directory. Please Stop by frequently to see our new additions.

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Other Nurse Consultants:

Medical Resource NetworkSM:"The Medical Resource NetworkSM offers specialized expertise in the analysis of complex medical issues to assist with expeditious claims resolution and loss prevention. Standard of care reviews, damage evaluations, assistance with reserve estimates, coordination of independent medical examinations, and a broad array of educational and program development offerings are also available. The Medical Resource NetworkSM provides medical case management for injured workers. We are often hired by employers or workers' compensation carriers to assist in maximizing health outcomes and speeding return to work. We are available to assist employers in designing and implementing early return to work programs as well."
10725 SW Barbur Blvd., Suite 200 Portland, Oregon 97219
PHONE: (503) 452-1748 FAX: (503) 452-0079 TOLL-FREE: (888) 899-1406 E-MAIL:


Medical-Legal Consulting Associates:"Since 1986, Medical-Legal Consulting Associates has been conducting research for legal and health care professionals involved in medical malpractice, personal injury, product liability and workers' compensation cases. Whenever you are overwhelmed with complicated health care issues and baffling medical jargon, let Medical-Legal Consulting Associates free you to concentrate on the legal aspects of the case."
716 West Briar Place, Suite 300 Chicago, Illinois 60657 (773) 975-0608 Fax (773) 665-4171 Email:

Portland Association for Medical Legal Consulting:"The Portland Association for Medical Legal Consulting is a professional services firm located in Portland, Oregon providing healthcare consulting within the legal arena. All consultants are registered nurses and are members of the American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants."
7536 SE 18th Avenue Portland, OR 97202
Phone: 503.239.4826 Fax: 503.905.6048



Announcement Lists, Findlaw:
2440 W. El Camino Real, 3rd Floor, Mountain View, CA 94040
FindLaw Customer Service Phone: 1.800.455.4565


Legal News:

Texas Lawyer's TexLaw: Legal News and Information for Lawyers and Their Clients


Ruth Technology Corporation:"Your time is valuable and filling out detailed, math-intensive federal forms can be a real headache. Our software mimics forms to perfection. Information is entered from your keyboard, as it would be typed on the form itself. Calculations are updated instantly as data is entered. This is ideal for last-minute revisions. Common information is transferred within the forms, eliminating the need for redundant typing. On screen examples help guide you through difficult calculations. Print professional looking, federally compliant, laser-quality forms or file electronically."
Ruth Technology Corporation
7 North Pinckney Street, Suite 240 Madison, Wisconsin 53703
800-350-8262 •


Law and Policy Institutions Guide:"Designed for the legal profession, academia and the public, Law and Policy Institutions Guide provides quality-filtered legal and legislative information. In addition to domestic legal topics, this site provides information on international law, including significant international treaties, journals, and foreign country legal databases. Each general category leads the user to carefully selected links, each with a brief description, to the most useful and most frequently consulted global resources. Law and Policy Institutions finds the most authoritative, timely, and useful sources for legal research on the Internet. Our staff sifts through, evaluates and reviews select sites for you. Inclusion of a resource is predicated on four criteria: quality, accuracy of content, presentation, and utility. Law and Policy Institutions makes finding the information you need less time-consuming."


Legal Concierge, Inc., Trial Support Services:"From High tech to Low tech, Legal Concierge, Inc. has access to state of the art trial equipment ensuring a dynamic presentation and a captivated audience. If you or anyone in your firm should ever need our services, please do not hesitate to call. Our rates are great, our equipment is first rate and our dedication is unsurpassed. We delight in saving money for your client. We negotiate for the best prices in all aspects of coordinating and orchestrating your next trial site, merger or acquisition."
440 Summit Drive Richardson, TX 75081
214-306-2246 866-396-7034 (toll free),

******************************************************"The site includes many free articles and training materials written by me on general subjects such as the principles of mental health legislation, the principles of risk management, personality disorder and the law, mental health policy and ethics, and independent health service inquiries. These were originally published in journals such as the Princeton University Law Review and the Journal of Forensic Psychiatry. The free downloads are intended to be of help to academics, practitioners, students and trainers. My qualifications are that I am both a professor of mental health law and a practising lawyer. I am ranked 1 in the mental health section of our main legal directory of the legal profession and also have an entry in the American Who's Who. I was nominated for a Nobel Prize following the publication of my legal textbook on English mental health law."
Professor Anselm Eldergill
Solicitors Chambers 169 Malden Road London NW5 4HT United Kingdom
Send an e-mail Tel: 020 7284 1006 x28 Mob: 0797 119 8742 Fax: 020 7916 2553 email: is a networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside.

If you explore the site a bit, you'll find profiles of hundreds of nurse entrepreneurs around the country. We encourage you to browse around, find a business category you are interested in, then contact the nurse directly. We're available for questions as well. This website is Owned-Operated by Andrew Lopez, RN a Medical/Surgical/Telemetry nurse.

Has your Nurse-owned business been written up in the news? Do you send out a newsletter or regular press releases? We'd like to hear about it!

Our Newest article is from an Arizona Nurse Entrepreneur:

Should You Incorporate Your Registry Business? By Joseph Caracci, RN:"The short answer is yes! When starting a new nurse registry business, you are entering into a legal business environment that requires you to take steps to protect your personal assets, such as your home, your savings, and your retirement. With this in mind, you need to determine which legal form you are going to take for your new registry. Some of the common choices are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability company (LLC), and a corporation."



The #1 question, we've been receiving lately is about Starting A Nursing Agency, resource sites & manuals

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Interesting Reading For Nurse Entrepreneurs, Actual or Soon To Be:

Nurse Entrepreneurs: Tales of Nurses in Business:"This book is vey inspiring! Learn how 50 different nurses brought their vision to reality! Learn some great tips on starting your own business. Nurses don't have to just work at the bedside. Read this book and you will be thinking of how you can make your dream a reality!"

Own Your Own Corporation: Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them:"Rich Dad's-"Own your Own Corporation" is a must read for anyone comtemplating a new business-or someone who already owns their own business. Garrett's direct yet simplistic explanations of the different business entities,the proper and best suited entity for your business-is followed by real-life scenarios which helps drive home the importance of corporate ownership in today's business world. Use Garrett's legal expertise to establish a successful, legally responsible and fiscally protected business...And understand the why's and how's of that ownership."

21 Success Secrets, Success Secret #4- "Do What You Love to Do." Get your FREE CD and find out the other 20 secrets of self-made millionaires.:"Order your FREE CD ($4.95 S&H) from Brian Tracy's acclaimed 21 Success Secrets series. Start with 21 Success Secrets of $elf-Made Millionaires - full of techniques practiced by all men and women who go from rags to riches in one generation. Brian Tracy is a noted success expert. He's trained over 2 million people in 23 countries how to achieve their financial goals faster than ever before."

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