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Patricia Iyer MSN RN LNCC, Patricia Iyer Associates, Med League Support Services, Inc.:"Patricia Iyer Associates provides legal nurse consultants with the critical information they need to succeed in their roles. Med League Support Services, Inc. assists attorneys with the medical issues of their cases. We specialize in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, and supply expert witnesses and medical analysis in the form of timelines, chronologies and medical summaries."
260 Route 202-31, Suite 200
Flemington, NJ 08822
Phone number: 908-788-8227
E-mail Address:

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Sonya Abdul-Rahman, RN, Nurse Educator, Nursing Entrepreneur, New Jersey Nurses:"Provides educational tutoring for student nurses of RN and LPN programs. Our primary focus is to assist nursing students to develop study and organizational skills for successful passing of nursing exams and the NCLEX licensure exam."
Specialty Areas: Education, NCLEX licensure exam, Psych


Amanda Dieterich, RN, The Cruise Academy:"Amanda is a Registered Nurse with a passion for cruising who also runs a small cruise agency with her husband, Bob. When New Jersey & Pennsylvania announced the newly instituted requirements for 30 continuing education hours to be earned every two years, I thought, Why Not a cruise seminar? We're now in our fifth year of continuing education cruises for nurses. We hope to offer more seminars every year. We are currently doing 2 seminars yearly, and will expand to more by 2011. When you call The Cruise Academy, you'll be greeted by Bob or Amanda."
New Jersey, USA
Call Toll Free: 1-800-688-9385
Facebook: Twitter:!/cruiseacademy


Diane L. Kensler, RN, COHN, CLNC, New Jersey Legal Nurse Consultants:"Legal Nurse Consulting business serving attorneys, managed care companies, and insurance companies."


Carolyn Strimike RN, MSN, CCRN, APNPC, APN-C, Heartstrong, LLC:"Heartstrong is an educational and consulting business specializing in cardiovascular disease and prevention. Our services include community and professional seminars, and educational products/publications. Seminar topics include: nutrition, weight loss, exercise/fitness, stress relief, risk factors, diagnosis and management of heart disease/stroke/heart failure in women, alternative therapy in the treatment and prevention of heart disease. We can discuss special requests on other health and wellness topics and will customize programs for individual groups. We Want to Help People Live a Longer Healthier Life!"
Heartstrong, LLC
6-05 Saddle River Rd #353
Fair Lawn, NJ 07410
Toll Free: 1-888-3HEART0 (Main)
1-888-343-2780 (Fax)


Professor Nightengale Online:"Professor Nightengale Online is a collection of web-based streaming videos and interactive practice questions that have proven to be effective in reducing student anxiety and building test-taking confidence and skill."
Daniel Peters and Maureen Hreha, RN, MSN, PNP, MA
Daniel Peters Productions LLC
PO Box 691
Somerville NJ 08876
908-231-0676, email:

Category: NCLEX® Examination Review Courses,
New Jersey Nurse Entrepreneurs,
New Jersey Nurses,
Nursing Education, Educational,
Standardized Test Preparation,



Med League Support Services, Inc.:"We have been helping attorneys save time and money since 1989 by carefully researching and detailing the medical aspects of a case, and providing a thorough analysis of the material, which we organize for easy reference. Our legal nurse consulting firm provides valuable information and services to personal injury attorneys including supplying medical, nursing, and other expert witnesses, a detailed analysis of medical records, the preparation of life activity charts and pain and suffering reports, and expertly prepared exhibits."
Pat Iyer, Pres., Med League Support Services, Inc.
260 Route 202/31 Suite 200, Liberty Court
Flemington, NJ 08822
Telephone: (908) 788-8227 Fax: (908) 806-4511, E-Mail:


NJMedicalRecordsReview, LLC:"NJMedicalRecordsReview, LLC (NJMRR) was founded by Kathleen Schmalz, RN, Ed.D., CLNC, a Registered Nurse who holds BOTH a Legal Nurse Consultant Certification and a Doctorate in Health Education. Dr.Schmalz brings over 25 years of nursing and educational experience to bear on any case NJMRR is engaged in, whether it be medical and/or nursing malpractice, general personal injury, product liability, worker's compensation, criminal, or any other case involving health, bodily injury, illness, or environmental issues."
NJMedicalRecordsReview, LLC
P.O. Box 1211 Paramus, New Jersey 07653 USA
201-664-0560 Fax: 201-664-5951,


PAR Enterprises — Legal Nurse Consultants:"Patricia Raya is a Legal Nurse Consultant and Registered Nurse. She has been president of PAR Enterprises since its founding in 1995. Patricia has extensive experience in cases involving medical malpractice, personal injury, worker's compensation, product liability, and wrongful termination. Her expert witness testimony, case review and analysis have resulted in an extremely high percentage of favorable case resolutions."
Patricia A. Raya, RN, C, MBA
PAR Enterprises — Legal Nurse Consultants
30 Washington Avenue
Princeton, New Jersey 08540
908.874.6900 fax: 908.874.8597


Professional Healthcare Associates, Inc:"Healthcare reform has created many challenges for the professional practice of nursing. These challenges also provide exciting opportunities to advance the nursing leadership role in planning and development at all levels of practice. New practice settings, advancing collaborative practice, integration of systems to focus on primary care needs and management of complex information networks will be the basis of future nursing practice."
Carolyn S. Zagury, RN, Ph.D., CPC, President, Professional Healthcare Associates, Inc.
422 Morris Ave Suite #1 Long Branch NJ 07740
Phone: 732-229-4545 Fax: 732-229-9647,


VISTA Publishing Inc.:"We at VISTA Publishing, Inc. are extremely proud of our family of creative and talented authors. We have grown considerably since the beginning of VISTA in 1991. We have expanded our distribution of nursing products to share with you some excellent works by nurses, for nurses. We would like to encourage all who have information to share with other nurses and health care professionals to submit your work. The constant changes in the healthcare system have created enormous challenges for all of us. But challenges equate to opportunities. Join us in our quiet revolution to make a difference for our profession."
VISTA Publishing Inc.
422 Morris Ave Suite #1 Long Branch NJ 07740
1-800-634-2498 Fax 732-229-9647


Nurse Practitioner as Entrepreneur, By Carolyn Zaumeyer:"Carolyn Zaumeyer, MSN, ARNP is a graduate of Florida International University and President and owner of Women's Health Watch, Inc. Over seven years ago Carolyn ventured into independent nursing practice. When planning her new practice, she did a literature review and was unable to locate any resource material to guide the nurse practitioner in developing her practice. While she was putting together her new venture, she was also keeping detailed notes, hoping that eventually she would be able to help other nurse practitioners interested in independent practice. In 1995 she published the book, "The Nurse Practitioner as Entrepreneur: How to Establish and Operate an Independent Practice - a reference and resource manual." This book has enjoyed national sales over the years, and many universities and colleges have utilized it as a text. It is now available for sale at our Website, "The Nurse Practitioner as Entrepreneur". It continues to guide and instruct nurse practitioners on how to establish, organize, and operate an independent nursing practice. Email Carolyn."
Women's Health Watch, Inc.
1735 Union Valley Road W. Milford , NJ 07480
973 728-1323, 1-800-776-1519, whwcz@WORLDNET.ATT.NET



****************************************************** is a networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside.

If you explore the site a bit, you'll find profiles of hundreds of nurse entrepreneurs around the country. We encourage you to browse around, find a business category you are interested in, then contact the nurse directly. We're available for questions as well. This website is Owned-Operated by Andrew Lopez, RN a Medical/Surgical/Telemetry nurse.

Has your Nurse-owned business been written up in the news? Do you send out a newsletter or regular press releases? We'd like to hear about it!

Our Newest article is from an Arizona Nurse Entrepreneur:

Should You Incorporate Your Registry Business? By Joseph Caracci, RN:"The short answer is yes! When starting a new nurse registry business, you are entering into a legal business environment that requires you to take steps to protect your personal assets, such as your home, your savings, and your retirement. With this in mind, you need to determine which legal form you are going to take for your new registry. Some of the common choices are a sole proprietorship, a partnership, a limited liability partnership (LLP), a limited liability company (LLC), and a corporation."



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Nurse Entrepreneurs: Tales of Nurses in Business:"This book is vey inspiring! Learn how 50 different nurses brought their vision to reality! Learn some great tips on starting your own business. Nurses don't have to just work at the bedside. Read this book and you will be thinking of how you can make your dream a reality!"

Own Your Own Corporation: Why the Rich Own Their Own Companies and Everyone Else Works for Them:"Rich Dad's-"Own your Own Corporation" is a must read for anyone comtemplating a new business-or someone who already owns their own business. Garrett's direct yet simplistic explanations of the different business entities,the proper and best suited entity for your business-is followed by real-life scenarios which helps drive home the importance of corporate ownership in today's business world. Use Garrett's legal expertise to establish a successful, legally responsible and fiscally protected business...And understand the why's and how's of that ownership."

21 Success Secrets, Success Secret #4- "Do What You Love to Do." Get your FREE CD and find out the other 20 secrets of self-made millionaires.:"Order your FREE CD ($4.95 S&H) from Brian Tracy's acclaimed 21 Success Secrets series. Start with 21 Success Secrets of $elf-Made Millionaires - full of techniques practiced by all men and women who go from rags to riches in one generation. Brian Tracy is a noted success expert. He's trained over 2 million people in 23 countries how to achieve their financial goals faster than ever before."

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