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What Attracted You To The Field of Nursing?
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Last, First Name: Vietz, Michele

License degrees: RN


City: Bismarck

State: ND

What kind of nursing do you do?: ICU, ER, Swing Bed, Flight Nursing, Medical/Oncology

How did you hear about the Nurse Friendly?: Web Search

What is your favorite search engine?: google

What nursing-related topics have you looked for lately on the web?: Too numerous too mention

Marital Status: single

Nationality: Adopted and don't know!

Professional organizations you belong to: Local Nurses United Group

Would you recommend the field?: Questionable.

Employment changes in career?: 3

Reason for the change?: Better working conditions.

If you lost your job tomorrow, how easily do you feel you find new employment?: No problem.

In how many years, would you like to retire?: Right now.

Have you started any type of retirement fund?: Yes.

Would this travel : No.

What Certified Nurse or Patient Educational Materials Would You Like to See on the Internet?: The Internet is so immense that I'm not sure what is/isn't out there.

School you attend (if applicable): Jamestown College, Jamestown, ND - Bachelor of Arts Degree in Nursing

Where do you work?: Currently, I work for the department of Surgical Services as the Clinical Information Coordinator. I would best describe this job as Nursing Informatics. Also, I work in a small rural hospital in which I take care of Swingbed/Acute Care/and ER Patients. It can be darn hectic!

Do you feel having your own a malpractice insurance policy is necessary, why or why not?: Yes. Given today's healthcare environment, we are placed in a variety of precarious situations that are beyond our immediate control.

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: I am most concerned about the cost cutting measures that directly affect the staff nurse providing direct patient care. Secondly, I am concerned about governments current and future decisions in the area of Medicare.

Have you ever considered leaving the profession? If yes, what options have you explored?: Yes, computer information systems.

What attracted you to the field of Nursing?: After my first year of college as a declared music major, I realized that I wasn't talented enough to perform not patient enough to teach. On a whim, I switched my major to nursing. I've loved it ever since!

Favorite TV show and musical artists: Frazier and Janice Joplin

Favorite food: Pizza and a Coca Cola

Personal or favorite Quote: There are risks and costs to any program of action; but, they are far less than the risks and costs of comfortable inaction.

Qualities you admire in your friends/loved ones: Dedication and commmitment to the important areas in their lives.

Pet Peeves: Laziness.

Major turn-offs: Uncleanliness.

Hobbies and activities you enjoy outside of work: Spending time with my family!!! My family's genealogy!!!! Computer Crafting. Pets, favorite vacation spots: I am not a animal lover unless you consider dust bunnies animals. I love the Pacific Ocean!

Other areas of interest and expertise: Drawing!!!!!


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