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Nena Hart MSN, RN, Hart Healthcare Solutions

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Your Name, Degrees Licenses: Nena Hart MSN, RN
CHPN – Certified Hospice & Palliative Nurse
C-DONA – Certified Director of Nursing Administrations
CLHP – Certified Lean Healthcare Professional
RAC-CT Resident Assessment Coordinator Certified

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? I started as a nurse’s aide at 18 and worked my way up to a director of nursing to improve the quality of care for patients and working conditions for staff. I transitioned to hospice as on-call then case manager and worked my way up to director, area director and administrator, vice president and then national utilization manager of DME. I’ve been married for 18 years have 4 children and I live in Hawaii. I was so committed to high performance in my corporate role that I really strained and devalued my marriage. I had to really evaluate my priorities and my pride and change my attitude. My husband is my biggest supporter, and I am fortunate he is so forgiving. Today we are doing great and my marriage takes priority over everything else. Two years ago, I was recruited to a CEO position in Hawaii and was fired 5 weeks later with no reason. That is how I was finally able to start my consulting business.

What is your experience and background in Nursing? Post-Acute Care, Hospice, Homecare, Long-Term Care, Skilled Care, Operations

Would you recommend Nursing as a career? Yes, because the options as a nurse are limitless and the nursing career has been very good to me, I think that healthcare as a profession is unhealthy right now and keeping very clear boundaries and an awareness of your own needs and goals is extremely important in nursing today.

Your Business Name (if applicable): Hart Healthcare Solutions and Hart Healthcare Consultants

Business Organization?: LLC serving clients nationally.

Why did you choose this type of organization? I help post-acute organizations reduce labor costs and minimize the negative outcomes of regulatory non-compliance. I help nurses who feel lost and a lack of direction increase their awareness of opportunities to increase their freedom and flexibility through self-employment.

Business Address (City, State, Zip, etc) PO Box 630580 Lanai City HI 93763

E-mail Address:

Blogs: At both websites and

Social Media Accounts (Where can people find you on Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook, etc) Twitter: @NurseNena
IG: @NursesMakingWaves
Nurses Making Waves Podcast:
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Homepage Address:

Type of business categories:
Coaching Consulting
Continuing Education Provider
Course Creation, Graphic Design, Website and Content Creation
Functional Medicine Nurse Coach
Regulatory Compliance & Accreditation
Home-based Business
Hospice, Nursing Experts in Palliative Care Consulting
Home Care/Private Duty
Integrative Medicine Registered Nurses
Keynote Speakers
Life Coach, Coaching, Coaches
Nursing Education, Educational Nurse Entrepreneurs
Nurse-Owned Businesses
Nursing Business Start-Up Coaching
Nursing Experts in Hospice
Nursing Seminars
Public Speakers
Retreats For Nurses
Risk Management
Seminars (Nursing)
Speakers (Public)

Keywords, Phrases that describe your business, experience, services: Streamline operations and processes, policy and procedure creation, education & training, survey and accreditation preparedness and recovery, EMR development and implementation, quality improvement program implementation and audits.

Contact person(s): Nena Hart

In what date (month/year) did you start your business? Technically in April of 2020.

Did you originally have a formal Business Plan? Not until I started working for myself fulltime in 2021.

Can you describe some challenges you had to overcome in starting your business? Tech challenges, mindset issues like imposter syndrome, shame, embarrassment from putting myself out there, fear, specifically of failing or not making enough as the breadwinner

How did you hear about the Nursefriendly, Through connections with other nurse entrepreneurs.

The year were you first licensed as a nurse? I got my LPN in 2007.

What school(s) of nursing did you attend? Indiana Wesleyan University

Do you recommend that nurses join professional organizations? Yes, only those they feel they have the space to give time and contribute to.

Professional organizations you have belonged to:
AADNS/AAPACN – Association for Post-Acute Care Nurses
NNBA National Nurses in Business member since 2020
NADONA/National Directors of Nurses Administration Association - Hawaii Chapter President
HGPS Hawaii Pacific Gerontology Society – Board Member

What made you decide to start your own business? I have always had business ideas and wanted to do things differently and run things the way I wanted to. I decided to start my own business after I was fired and realized I didn’t have interest or passion in doing any of the jobs I looked at.

How many times have you changed employers in your career? Many, many times, I always felt like there was never a right fit for me and I never fit in anywhere or I would burn myself out after a year. Now being self-employed I realize that I don’t align with “traditional” employment.

What specific qualities and traits do you feel make nurses especially qualified to operate a business? Quick thinking, problem solving, ownership & accountability, confidence, persistence, prioritizing, relationship building, communication, leadership, observation

What exactly is a nurse entrepreneur in your own words? A nurse who freelances, is self-employed or runs a business. I don’t feel network marketing and MLM’s qualify as a nurse owned business.

Do you currently practice as a nurse? If yes in what type of setting? I don’t practice at bedside in patient care. I’ve been in nursing administration for almost 15 years.

Your most pressing concerns with the profession and healthcare: The loss of logic replaced with processes and policies that prevent the right care from being given and restrict nurses from being able to do their best to help patients.

Other areas of interest and expertise: I love going to the beach, doing puzzles, cooking, reading, writing and teaching. is a networking and resource directory for Nurse-Owned businesses and nurses looking for an alternative to working at the bedside. Start here on your road towards nurse entrepreneurship.

If you explore the site a bit, you'll find profiles of hundreds of nurse entrepreneurs around the country. We encourage you to browse around, find a business category you are interested in, then contact the nurse directly. We're available for questions as well. This website is Owned-Operated by Andrew Lopez, RN a Medical/Surgical/Telemetry nurse.

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