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Arkansas Legal Nursing Consultants,
Teddi Nuss, RN, Mid-South Litigation Support Services

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The following form contents were entered on June 2nd, 2003

Your Name: Teddi Nuss, R.N., Legal Nurse Consultant

Your Business Name (if applicable): Mid-South Litigation Support Services

Business Organization Type: Sole Proprietor

Please describe your business: Legal Nurse Consulting. We use our knowledge and experience to help attorneys de-mystify the medical issues in legal cases. We provide screening for merit, medical record review, interpretation and organization, time line chronologies, case summary, medical literature research, and written reports (on paper and/or disk). We collaborate with attorneys to develop a cost effective and winning aproach to the medical issues in their cases.

Street Address: 1534 California Avenue Lot N

City: Camden

State: Arkansas (AR)

Zip Code: 71701


Homepage Address:

What type of business or categories under which you would like to be listed : Legal Nurse Consulting.

Contact person(s): Teddi Nuss

Phone number: 870-836-1156

Fax number: 870-836-1185

In what date (month/year) did you start your business?: 5/03

What kind of nursing do you do?:

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