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Make Each Day Of Your Life Happier, Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories:"Every Day . . .Share a kind word with a friend. Give away a smile."

Category: Inspirational Poems, Touching Stories


Mandatory Overtime:

    Alaska: Monday, March 24, 2008: Nursing overtime spurs safety concerns: By Alan Suderman | JUNEAU EMPIRE:"Lawmakers in the Senate Finance Committee heard continued testimony Friday on a bill that would outlaw mandatory overtime for nurses except in a few cases. Some nurses, nursing groups and other supporters of the measure say overworked nurses in Alaska pose a serious threat to their patients and themselves, and a state law is needed to protect them from being forced to work overtime. "Mandating that nurses work overtime could be unsafe," said Sue Behnert, a nurse at the Southeast Alaska Regional Health Consortium. But hospital administrators say mandatory overtime isn't a problem in Alaska, and the bill is an unneeded extra regulation that would bog down hospital staff."

    Category: Nursing Shortage: Alaska State, Short Staffing,


Male Call, Nurseweek:"With a severe nursing shortage gripping the country, the profession is looking for a few good men. Recruitment efforts seek to prove that nursing is a great job for women and men. In many cases, those barriers are sociological. Although more men than ever are entering the profession — the total has jumped from 57,000 in 1983 to 164,000 in 2002, according to a July 11, 2003, USA Today article — men still represent just a fraction of the total number of nurses in the U.S. According to the American Journal of Nursing, men made up just 5.9% of the nursing population in 2003. The reasons are varied, but chief among them is a simple misconception among many: that nursing is a job best suited for women."

Category: Gender Discrimination, Male Nurse Bias In Nursing


Male Call,"Despite cultural bias and relatively small numbers, more men are making contributions to the profession and discovering its rewards. Statements like "Why are you only a nurse?" or "You're too smart to be a nurse" haunt male RNs. Yet most choose nursing school over medical school for the same reason female nurses say they made that career decision to work directly. When Mark Barnett's heating and air-conditioning company was sold and he lost his job, the Texas dad went hunting for a new career."

Category: Gender Discrimination, Male Nurse Bias In Nursing


Male Nurse Magazine:"This magazine primary focus is on men within the profession of nursing."
Jerry R Lucas RN publisher
10510 south state hwy 3,
Deputy, IN 47230
Phone: (812) 352-1293

Category: Nursing Journals, Magazines, Newsletters,


Male Nurses Still Face Bias,"The evolution of nursing may halt gender discrimination in the profession. David Sprouse, EdD, RN, is sure he was denied a promotion in nursing at least twice because he's a man. Both instances occurred with the same manager, and he eventually left that job. The experience was demoralizing, and he responded by doing what he thought was his only option—to find another job. "I went looking for another job, but that doesn't change anything," he mused. For some men, the discrimination they've undergone has been almost too subtle to name, yet the effects are still quite real. Michael Evans, PhD, RN, a nursing administrator for 20 years and a former member of the American Nurses Association's board of directors, said he felt discriminated against when applying for administrative positions in the past."

Category: Gender Discrimination, Male Nurse Bias In Nursing


Michael Malecki, RN, M & M Nursing Services:"M & M Nursing Services, Inc. was established in 1995 to create a unique opportunity for skilled and dedicated Registered Nurses to work in an environment that was not only challenging but financially rewarding as well. The satisfaction that each nurse feels and the excellent service they provide to each of our contracted hospitals is the reason behind the success and growth of M & M Nursing Services."
M & M Nursing Services
San Antonio, Texas Office 5430 Fredericksburg Road Suite 500 San Antonio, TX 78229-3539
Phone: 210-375-8200 Fax: 210-375-8300 E-mail

Category: Nursing Entrepreneurs, Nurse-Owned Businesses,

****************************************************"Welcome to This website represents one of the corner stones to a growing list of resources that are dedicated to men in nursing. The next phase of our project will be the publication of the print version of our magazine. This site and its sister resources are not intended to create a gender gap or bias, rather our objectives are clear and simple: Why in this time of nursing shortage and high unemployment, do men make up only six percent of the nursing population How nursing educational programs can be enhanced to increase the number of male students being recruited Exploring issues that are of concern to men in nursing and strategies to address these issues."
Jerry R Lucas, RN
10510 South State Hwy 3
Deputy, IN 47230
Phone: 812-352-1293 cell: 812-701-9014

Category: Male Nurses, Men In Nursing


Malpractice: A Step-by-Step Guide to Understanding the Process, Part 1, By Colleen Lindell, RN, MHSA, CLNC:"Because you're human and work in a stressful, complex, and ever-changing environment, you can't rule out the possibility that you'll be involved in a malpractice case. In this article, I'll lead you through the legal process and provide practical tips if you're called to testify in a malpractice trial. But first, let's review some prevention tips and techniques and define our terms."

Category: Nursing Professional Malpractice & Liability Insurance, Insurance


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